Why did I never see this. 

British GQ named him best dressed man of New York Fashion Week…

This is unbelievable.

Ladies and gentlemen, the reason I got into menswear


Aimé Barraud (Swiss, 1902-1954), Still life with tiger lilies, 1934. Oil on canvas, 81 x 60 cm.


I will kiss every inch of you. I will hold you tight and I will love you in ways that you thought were just in fairy tales. I will whisper in your ears the things that will make your heart melt, and feel every bit of my love for you. In every word you will feel the depth of my yearning and hunger for you. I love you. You are the love of my life. Love given to me by God himself in flesh and blood, a woman so beautiful that none will ever compare in my eyes. And even if its just the littlest of touch of your skin against mine or the faintest of brushes of your lips against mine or even the smile I see every time I tell you how much I love you… Even that, means more to me than my life itself. Cos even the tiniest bit of you is more valuable to me than my life to me. You are the half of the whole that is Us, that completes me in every way. Life seems meaningful with you, like finding that the wind was made to caress your hair or the sunlight, to illuminate the depth of the beauty of your eyes. Time, it seems holds no meaning. Cos one moment with you, is for me, more valuable than a thousand lifetimes without you. I love you. And I will never let go of you no matter what. You are mine. Mine to love forever.