House with spectacular designed cube rooms inside ~ Okazaki, Japan by Studio Velocity.


0059 (by MICHAE L)

(Source: kilolux)


Corona Del Mar | Photographer 


MDS Architectural Studio


The Pinnacle + Special

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This is The Pinnacle @ Duxton Singapore(Public Housing)

The project consists of seven connected 50-storey towers, labelled 1A to 1G, with a total of 1,848 units. Unique amongst Housing and Development Board (HDB) developments, these units are designated as special types, S1 and S2, having altogether 35 different unit variations for buyers to choose from – with dissimilar combinations of features such as extended bays, balconies, bay windows and planter areas.

The Pinnacle@Duxton features the world’s two longest sky gardens of 500 metres (1,600 ft) each, on both the 26th and 50th floors. All seven towers are the world’s tallest public housing buildings.

CostS $279 million
Height Roof 156 m (512 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 50 storeys & basement carparkLifts/elevators


Culver City, CA

On my trip to Sci-Arc to view all of the graduate thesis project/presentations I decided to stop by Culver City to sneak into the architecture created by Eric Owen Moss’s architecture firm.  While it is private land and security presence is strong on each of these sites, my colleagues and I had to tip-toe around to view this architectural significant block of beautiful structures.  


As architecture students it is our duty to explore, this means even if the spaces are blocked off to the public we can always find a way in.  The most spiritual experience I had during this trip was sneaking in to the construction site of the ‘waffle’ structure.  Seeing the construction details of such a beautiful building while being in a space that is restricted to a select few, which did not include me.  As an aspiring architect visiting construction sites this is one of the most informational ways to see how a building is put together.  Construction drawings are the next best thing and it doesn’t even compare to seeing the physical structure and feeling the nature of the materials and how they are but together. Scale is often an issue in modeling and visualizing in a project but being able to experience how large each individual material is helps to distinguish the real life implementation to the construction documents. 

 These photos are the product of where I went and what I experienced.  The first photo of the new construction was taken from the top of the Samitaur building where we had to by-pass security to get into. All of the spaces, interior and exterior we expressive in a way that I don’t normally experience on a day to day basis.  I aspire to create the way that Eric Owen Moss does, so free but yet functional to the users that inhabit.  

-Christopher Voltl



Koshino House, Kobe, Japón, 1980-1984 Tadao Ando